Prioritizing Education

It’s been another busy month for the Tennessee Federation for Children team. Since our last newsletter we’ve crisscrossed the Volunteer State and heard from Tennesseans of all stripes – parents and pastors, business leaders and teachers, and of course students – and they’ve all stressed the importance of education. A recent poll confirms the fact that education is among the most important issues to voters in Tennessee. It’s also clear that if you ask a room full of people to define a “great education” you’ll get as many answers as people in that room.

There simply isn’t a single path to prosperity that works for all kids. I think that’s one reason a majority of people (63%) are more likely to support a candidate who supports giving parents more choices in where they send their child to school. When it comes to educating our kids, parents don’t need politicians to make choices for them, we need to have a range of choices available. Creating a system that gives children a number of great options is the way to affirm education as a real priority.

A few weeks ago the American Federation for Children released the 2017-2018 School Choice Guidebook and it’s a great way to learn more about how states across the country provide families with options. It’s great that Tennessee is included among the 26 states with choice programs. I’m hopeful that in the coming years people will flock to Tennessee not only for the beautiful scenery, great music, and friendly people, but for the best education landscape in the country. I hope you’ll join us in making that dream a reality.



AFC-TN State Director