School Districts Reopening Plans

District School Start Date Re-opening Plan


July 22, 2020 Staggering opening grouped by last name. Virtual option available.
Anderson County August 10, 2020 In-person. Remote options are available, If parents are uncomfortable sending students back
Arlington August 10, 2020 Kindergartners through eighth graders will return at 100% capacity for five days a week. High school students will return at 50% capacity using a hybrid learning model. All families have the option to enroll in the remote learning option, but parents must enroll their children by July 22 at 4 p.m. Mask mandatory in communal areas.
Bartlett August 10, 2020 Kindergartners start on staggered schedule for first 2 weeks; students will be given in-person or remote learning option for first 9 weeks, after which time remote students will transition to hybrid. Masks mandatory in communal spaces.
Blount County July 29, 2020 Staggered opening; families can pick in-person or remote learning; temp checks upon arrival at school. Masks encouraged.
Bradley County August 5, 2020 Parents can choose in-person or virtual; staggered start for in-person based on last name.
Cheatham County August 13, 2020   Staggered start; traditional model for elementary, hybrid for middle/high schools; virtual option available
Clarksville-Montgomery County August 31, 2020 Parents must choose in-person or remote learning. Masks required for grades 6-12; optional K-5. Masks required for grades 6-12 grade.
Collierville August 17, 2020 All students will attend school two days per week with the other three days earmarked for learning remotely. All parents also have the option for students to learn remotely.
Dickson County August 3, 2020 In-person encouraged, virtual option available—parents can call Central Office to discuss. No mask mandate.
Fort Campbell Schools August 24, 2020 Traditional schedule, remote learning optional. Masks mandatory.
Germantown August 6, 2020 Kindergarten-6th grade 100% in-person; 7th-12th grade is a hybrid (2 days in class, 3 virtual); masks required at arrival and dismissal
Hamilton County August 12, 2020 Families given choice between in-person hybrid instruction or completely remote; 4 “phases” developed as back up plans that include a blend of all options depending on the phase. Mask mandatory.
Hawkins County TBD Finalizing details
Houston County August 10, 2020 Traditional schedule, with staggered attendance for the first 12 days of school, remote learning optional. No mask mandatory.
Johnson City August 10, 2020 All remote learning.
Kingsport August 3, 2020 All virtual until the number of COVID cases decreases
Knox County August 24, 2020 In-person and virtual option offered; masks mandatory.
Lakeland August 10, 2020 1st-8th graders begin Aug 10; pre-K and kindergarten begin on staggered schedule and go full time Aug 24th; families can pick in-person or remote learning
Loudon August 7, 2020 Staggered start August 7, 10 and 11. In-person and virtual option available.
Maryville July 30, 2020 Virtual for 2 weeks after a staff member and student tested positive.
Maury County August 10, 2020 Traditional schedule, remote learning will begin to be offered in September.
Memphis August 31, 2020 Parents can choose between in-person or all remote learning for the fall; backup plan to go all remote if necessary
Millington August 10, 2020 Offering 3 plans—hybrid, traditional, all virtual. Masks mandatory.
MNPS/Davidson County August 4, 2020 Remote learning mandated until Labor Day; students will adopt a semester model, completing four classes each semester
Murfreesboro August 10, 2020 Traditional model for Pre-K to 2nd grade with remote option available; all others remote
Oak Ridge Schools July 29, 2020 In-person and virtual option available.
Putnam County August 3, 2020 Masks required on buses, hallways, and common areas; in-person encouraged, but virtual option available. Masks optional in classroom.
Robertson County August 17, 2020 Phase in days August 12-14 to familarize students with protocols. Traditional schedule, remote learning optional. Masks mandatory unless distancing available.
Rutherford County August 11, 2020 Traditional schedule, remote learning available, masks required.
Sevier County August 13, 2020 Basing plans on which CDC phase the area is in; in-person is planned for everyone, but remote learning is a back up plan
Shelby County August 31, 2020 All virtual/remote learning until further notice
Stewart County August 31, 2020 Hybrid schedule for first two weeks; remote learning optional; until county’s COVID cases decreases.
Sullivan County TBD All remote learning.
Sumner County August 3, 2020 Hybrid plan, alternating between in-person and remote learning options; will be re-evaluated every 10 days to determine if change is needed. Mask mandate for middle and high school students.
Washington County August 3, 2020 Virtual plan.
Weakley County August 17, 2020 In-person encouraged, virtual option available to families who need it.
Williamson County August 7, 2020 Pre-K -2nd grade will start in-person, students in grades 3-12 will do virtual. Masks required on campuses if in-person

Wilson County




Lebanon Special School District

August 17, 2020





The district previously gave students the option to pick either traditional in-person classes or an all virtual learning model. Students who were in the traditional option will be placed into the hybrid model until at least Oct. 2. Students who picked the virtual option have until 3:30 p.m., July 29, to opt into the hybrid model if they choose. Requiring masks. 


Blended in-person and virtual learning through at least Sept 4th. Remote learning available.